My acne started around seventh grade. It started out with just having super oily skin, to blackheads, and then progressing to large cystic pimples. Every adult I knew would just repeat the same thing to me, “wash your face”. However, this made me frustrated because I did wash my face, I scrubbed hard every night to try and wash my acne away but all this did was irritate my face.

My problem was not that I was dirty, it was hormonal. So, finally I went to a dermatologist now known as the California Skin Institute. This consisted of about a ten-minute consultation of the dermatologist touching my face and prescribing me a topical cream.

Along with this visit, I also did a few appointments with an esthetician and she would rub some creams on my face and do extractions on my face. This was one of the more painful experiences I have been through, squeezing every pimple on my face.

By the end of the session, my face would look bright red with dried blood everywhere. I had many fluctuations with my skin throughout middle school and high school but for the most part, the whole time was pretty bad.

During middle school was my hardest time! I had a girl calling me ugly every day on the long bus ride to school because of my face. I felt so out of control with my acne. I kept going to the same dermatologist and things they prescribed would always work for a while but then would wear off and my acne would come back even worse. I was put on antibiotics for a while, the same types of topical treatments and the extractions.

Nothing ever truly fixed my problem. At the start of my senior year. I was really getting fed up with nothing changing. Worst of all, it seemed that everyone at my school had flawless skin including my friends who I knew for a fact never washed their faces.

The mental toll acne had on me was horrible. I lost all self-confidence, not to mention the physical toll. Those large painful pimples hurt so bad, and it felt like nobody understood what I was going through. I came to the dermatologist in tears and she did the same thing. Ten minutes of touching my face, told me it’s normal and wrote out another prescription.

The day we discovered Dr. Kenner’s ad in a health magazine I was so desperate to give anything a shot at that point. After an almost two-hour consultation with her I immediately knew this was it. I felt so relieved after talking to her. She took time to talk about my acne, asked questions I had never been asked before by other dermatologists. She kept bringing different creams out of her shelf telling me what each ingredient would target and what it would do. I’ve been on her regime for about two years now, and I still have a few flare ups from time to time but nothing like before. Every now and then she will add a new cream to my routine or take one out. I trust her with all my skin problems, and it feels so good to do that. I am so thankful I found her, and I am always first to recommend her to any friends I have who struggle with acne.