My challenging skin journey began very early in life when I was diagnosed with eczema which my father also experienced. I would have itchy periods on the inside of my elbows and later on my fingers and other “hot spots on my body (neck, inside of my knees, etc.) I was prescribed a variety of cortisone ointments which typically took care of the rash after a few weeks.

However, this past year, I experienced a huge eczema flare up with severe itching that kept me up for hours at night. I went through a battery of allergy tests, went to a dermatologist, acupuncturist and chiropractor who each gave me lots of advice, creams, protocols and supplements.

Unfortunately, the eczema continued to worsen no matter what I tried. It was taking over my life and was very stressful. I couldn’t wear jewelry and wanted to cover up my skin rashes when I went out in public. Finally, someone suggested finding a new dermatologist and I decided that would be a good strategy.

I was so fortunate to search on the Internet and find Dr. Julie Kenner of SkinHappy MD in Monterey. Her helpful and compassionate office manager, Lindsey, was able to schedule an appointment for me. The beautiful sunny office was a pleasant surprise compared to the dark halls I normally would experience going to most doctor offices.

Dr. Kenner examined me and saw how far the eczema had spread on my face, chest, arms and hands accompanied by skin peeling, rashes and bumps.

She patiently explained what was happening and it was obvious she was very familiar with this skin issue. She prescribed an antibiotic because people with eczema have a predisposition to get staph infections due to the broken skin from scratching where the staph can enter the body.

Dr. Kenner put me on a very effective skin program using two of her easy to smooth on compounded prescription creams, an over the counter moisturizer cream and a cream to help restore the “holes” in my skin.

The eczema severity receded significantly providing enormous relief. I continued to consult with Dr. Kenner so she could adjust the skin program protocol to suit the far improved skin condition.

I have been to numerous dermatologists over my life but Dr. Kenner is definitely the best I have encountered. I am so grateful to her for solving this horrible and challenging skin condition and highly recommend her to others as a master dermatologist with her own line of highly effective prescription medications, not available through the usual insurance and big pharma channels.