Let’s talk about the true cost…of treating acne going the typical routes.

Acne affects 80% or more of us and has an average course of 11 years when left untreated.

The average wait time to see a dermatologist in most cities in California is between 3-4 months. During that waiting time, you go to the drugstore or a beauty store, or look online, and buy a cleanser, a non-specific “acne cream”, and a scrub of some sort. This costs you about $18 for an acne cleanser, $20 or more for an acne cream, and $20 for a sunblock.

However, many find that the acne cleanser doesn’t seem to do much, the acne cream is irritating, and the sunblock makes your acne worse… You pick at your acne, continue to scar and get brown spots.

You finally get in to see the dermatologist, and you’ve had to take the morning off of work. If you’re paid $15/hr (or more), for example, this means you didn’t earn the $60 (or more) you would have made if you had been at work that morning. Your co-pay to the dermatologist is $75. You see the doctor for 5 minutes, tell him or her that you have sensitive skin, and that you also get brown spots when your acne heals.

You’re typically prescribed 2 medications, and given a recommendation for a sunscreen that the doctor sells in the clinic. The sunscreen costs $32 dollars, and then you go to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription products. One is an oral antibiotic and the other is a nighttime cream. The co-pay for the oral antibiotic is $10 and the copay for the nighttime cream is $40. When you try out the oral antibiotic, it gives you a stomach ache, no matter what you eat, and it makes you sensitive to the sun. The nighttime cream is very drying and you get red patches with cracks in your skin around your mouth and nose. You stop the medications, and try to get in with the dermatologist again to discuss alternative treatments.

So far this has cost you $277 (PLUS a portion of whatever your monthly medical insurance cost is); and your acne is no better, and you are continuing to get scars. And your stressful acne journey continues… Acne scars are the permanent souvenir of your acne journey!

At SkinHappy MD, you get anytime access, 24-7, to our tele-consultation service with a qualified MD focused on acne care, and our online ordering of customized Rx medications. Our tele-treatment service is only $20 per month. On average, our mild acne patients receive 2 medications plus a sunscreen, our moderate acne patients receive 3 medications plus a sunscreen, and our severe acne patients, or patients with overlapping conditions such as rosacea or melasma, receive 4 medications plus a sunscreen. On average, our Rx medications cost $45 and our acne-specific sunscreens cost $35. These products typically last 3 months and are very easy to apply to the skin.

With SkinHappy MD products and oversight, our patients on average see a 50% improvement or better at the 6 week mark, and are put on maintenance preventive care by month 6.

This means, a mild acne patient per month will spend less than $42 in products plus the $20 medical oversight subscription fee or $62 for their acne management and treatment. This averages out to about $2 dollars a day for their acne issues…or less than the price of a cup of coffee.

A moderate acne patient will spend less than $57 + $20, or $77 per month, or only about $2.5 per day for their acne care- less than the cost of a budget breakfast.

A severe acne patient will spend less than $72 + $20, or $92 per month, or $3 per day for their acne care- less than the cost of a single slice of pizza.

Yet, going through the SkinHappy MD path, all of these patients will receive customized expert care plans, medical oversight, and the convenience of ordering online and receiving medications shipped to your home.

Once their acne has gone into remission, they will be guided into a maintenance skin care program typically comprised of a cleanser, sunblock and one nighttime acne medication.