Submit Your Skin Journey

As you know, our mission at SkinHappy MD is to help each of our patients through their skin challenges by providing solid education and highly customized skin care programs.  

By inspiration derived from our acne patients, we have recently launched a program collecting the personal stories recounting the many paths these individuals have trod on their way to finally getting better skin.  We have called these stories their “Skin Journey”. 

These 1 page encapsulations of an individual’s private struggles to get their skin from a space of distress and hopelessness to happiness and control, have proved to be both poignant and  eye-opening for the reader, and cathartic and healing for the writer.

While this program was initially launched to service the acne sufferer, and highlight the breadth and scope of this condition on the physical and emotional/self esteem aspects of ourselves, we have come to find that many others suffering from non-acne skin conditions may benefit from this outlet as well!  

As such, we decided to dedicate a space on our website where these stories can be anonymously posted and collected.   

And so, by way of this writing, we would like to formally invite any of you to submit your own “Skin Journey” to us.  

These stories will be posted anonymously -to protect your identity and allow you to be honest with your feelings and clinical challenges.  

Please limit your submissions to one page in length.

We hope you benefit from this process personally, and greatly appreciate your help to others by  letting them know they are not the only ones suffering!  As most of you well know by now, there IS hope to achieving Happy Skin…

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, txt.