I first began having acne in 8th grade and began my skincare journey. I used products from drugstores for a while before going to a dermatologist to help get it sorted out. She gave me prescriptions for different topicals to help control the acne.

Throughout high school. I always had a little acne, but nothing too bad. During the end of my senior year of high school and through the summer, my acne practically cleared up completely with only a few zits popping up here and there. As summer ended and I went off to college, I was worried that my skin could get much worse with the sudden changes that were coming, but I found that it stayed relatively the same. I had a bit more acne then previously, but it was all easily controllable and not too big of an issue.

It wasn’t until the end of second semester of college that my acne suddenly went from minor to out of control very quickly. Around March. I began to become very stressed about grades and potentially transferring schools. I had also gotten lazier with my skincare routine because I figured I had outgrown acne and all of that was behind me.

Unfortunately, I was far from outgrowing the acne and it came back with force. Throughout March and April, it continued to get worse and I thought that it wasn’t too big of a deal and that I would get back on the routine I was on before that helped control it. I found that my old routine was not doing much, and my skin was not getting any better no matter what I tried.

Eventually toward the end of April, I called my mom and asked her to book a dermatologist appointment for the very beginning of summer. She said her usual dermatologist couldn’t see me until mid-June, but I couldn’t wait that long. After searching, she found Dr. Kenner and booked an appointment for me. The last few weeks of school were not that great for me with the combination of stress from school and my acne.

After school ended and I returned home. I had my first appointment with Dr. Kenner who set me up on a completely new routine and was hopeful that it would work. If not, I would have to get on Accutane something I really wanted to avoid.

After a few weeks on the new routine I began to notice tremendous improvement. After just having had my six-week follow-up with Dr. Kenner. practically all of my active acne is gone. Now I am just working on some scarring from the breakout. I am hopeful that within the following weeks and months I will be able to clear up the scarring too and focus on maintenance.