Dr. Kenner and her SkinHappy MD program have saved my skin and my self-esteem. My acne was on and off for years but recently got more severe and was starting to greatly affect how I felt about myself. I avoided public spaces more often because I knew I needed to be wearing makeup to feel comfortable enough to be seen, and then up close you could still see that my skin was suffering.

I felt like people only noticed my acne and the severity of it, how painful it was, and how much I tried to hide it. I just felt embarrassed, constantly. The biggest mistake I made however, was not going to see Dr. Kenner months before I actually did.

If I had come in earlier, I could have avoided a few of those painful months that were shaped by my acne and how it made me feel. She put me on a regimen immediately after the consultation visit. Dr. Kenner was an informative doctor who listened to me and took more than a few minutes to explain to me my acne and how her regimen would help. She was unlike the other dermatologists I had seen before that were not as concerned with the cause of my acne and would rather prescribe a medication or a harsh tretinoin cream – without giving me proper instructions about sun protection or a proper regimen. That was the opposite of my experience here. Within weeks of using the products I got from this office I saw marked improvement.

Within a couple months I had gotten positive comments from everyone in my class, and they commented daily. People were seriously shocked and were telling me all day how much my skin had cleared up, how much smoother it looked, and that I had a healthy “glow.” The results were so impressive that I started to slowly regain confidence and within a couple months I was able to stop wearing makeup every day.

Now I never wear foundation or face makeup anymore. I admit my beauty sponge and brushes have been untouched for months now, and this is thanks to this fantastic doctor. Dr. Kenner has changed my life for the better. I cannot thank her enough, and cannot express how grateful I am. I truly feel that this is the best place to go for your skin concerns.