After suffering from a multitude of skin issues since childhood, I genuinely didn’t know that I would ever have a face as soft & smooth as it is now after just 6 weeks of Dr. Kenner’s personalized rosacea & acne regimen I was prescribed.

My family has a history of cystic acne, so at the first sign of distressed skin when I was in high school, I was put on Accutane – and then again a few years later, when it seemed like the first round wasn’t enough. I also tried Proactiv, which burned my face. Going into adulthood, being on or off a hormonal birth control didn’t seem to make a difference either. I would often fruitlessly try at-home remedies, never understanding why my skin wouldn’t behave like it was supposed to.

I saw Dr. Kenner for an entirely unrelated dermatological issue at first, but she also noted my rosacea and suggested her clinic’s specialized & greatly discounted rosacea & acne combo treatment. I had heard of rosacea before, but I always assumed it was a condition OTHER people had that looked completely different from what my face looked like. I never considered that rosacea could be what was causing my skin to be so sensitive.

I was sent home with samples of 3 creams/gels (as well as a facial sunscreen) to work into my morning & nightly hygiene routine. When I returned for a follow-up 6 weeks later, my skin had improved so much that Dr. Kenner nearly forgot I was being treated for rosacea! The most impressive improvement I’ve noted is how smooth, soft, & hydrated my face feels. The last time I can remember my face feeling this way has to have been in childhood.

I’m excited to continue the rosacea/acne regimen and finally get a step ahead of my rosacea & adult acne. I’m very thankful that Dr. Kenner’s office provides treatment that I truly can’t get anywhere else, and that it’s always such a pleasant experience to visit their lovely location and enjoy talking with the staff. Healing my skin after so many years will be a journey I won’t take for granted.