Julie Kenner MD-PhD

Take command of your skin health

Your appointment starts now – it’s time to start an enjoyable and exciting journey to renewed skin health!

Take command of your skin health

Your appointment starts now – it’s time to start an enjoyable and exciting journey to renewed skin health!

Dr. Julie Kenner

Custom Blended Skincare Products

Say goodbye to  one-size-fits-all traditional dermatology and ineffective over-the-counter products!

Being based in California, the birthplace of the all-natural/organic movement as well as many of the most sophisticated medical advancements, SkinHappy MD embodies both of these influences and proudly produces skincare products that are both wholesome AND therapeutically targeted/highly effective.

What is Teledermatology?

Teledermatology is an online consultation with a dermatologist. Dermatologists are trained to diagnose skin diseases by visual images; in fact, pictures are used to certify the physician qualification within the specialty. Teledermatology is the platform by which dermatologists can assess skin disease remotely online, using visual images. This medium has been used sporadically for decades, but has finally achieved mainstream utility.

You're one-of-a-kind

So don’t fall prey to “one size fits none” marketing! Tailoring a skin care program to fit the multitude of ways skin can express itself is not possible using over the counter skin care products, and requires the sophistication of having multiple ingredients, prescription and otherwise, available to treat the various skin needs.

Kind words from

Happy Clients!

I am very happy with my results. I have had a great experience at the office with amazing results.


Have I seen improvements in my skin?, Absolutely! Its so much fun to come here! I love learning about the why’s as much as the treatments! I would 100% recommend SkinHappy MD to others.


I give this office a 5 out of 5 (Excellent). Nice service!


Experience was great! Easy parking, cute office and knowledgeable/nice doctor!

Pacific Grove

How does SkinHappy MD work?

  • Sign in or create an account
  • Complete an online form specific to your skin condition
  • Include at least two pictures of your skin condition
  • Pay for your medications securely online
  • Pay a modest, annual consultation fee
  • Once approved, your medications are on the way!

Say goodbye to waiting rooms

If you’re bothered by one of these common, but concerning, conditions: Acne, Balding or Rosacea, it’s time to start an enjoyable journey to new skin health.

Pay a flat consult fee for the entire year, then add the medications you need at a very reasonable price. In addition to Dr Kenner’s customized Rx’s that you can’t get anywhere else, SkinHappy MD also offers non-prescription, but custom blended items such as sun screen, scrubs and moisturizers for your convenience. Selected, high-quality, over the counter items are also available.

Reasonably priced dermatological medications