My treatment began with Dr Kenner in 2016 when I was 18 years old. Throughout my teen years, I suffered from acne that was mainly inflammatory. There were numerous treatments that I used to treat my acne that I obtained from local drugstores and high-end department stores. Some products did work in some areas and the rest irritated my skin prolonging its time to heal.

My next route was to see an esthetician which I still have mixed feelings about. An esthetician has limited knowledge and cannot effectively be thorough about the best treatment.

After spending countless appointments and money with the esthetician, I then tried a local dermatologist. The dermatologist I saw was not a good fit for me as she did not seem up to date with the latest innovations in regards to dermatology.

Soon after, I discovered SkinHappy MD by searching online and I was quite intrigued. SkinHappy MD was unlike any other practice on the Monterey Peninsula.

When I came in for my first appointment I noticed immediately how candid Dr Kenner was with me. I appreciated the vast amount of knowledge she had obtained throughout her career. She is very intellectual when discussing treatment options and always stays up to date with all the latest and greatest.

Currently, I have been seeing her for two years and I’ve noticed a significant change in my skin texture and tone. Her products have allowed my skin to restore itself and purge itself from the bacteria causing my acne.

Dr Kenner’s assistant, Lindsey, has been such a delight by always booking my appointments and providing me with a Hydrafacial MD treatment. As always, there are always ways I want to improve my skin, but I can proudly say SkinHappy MD has given me the tools and resources for my recovery.