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Your journey to beautiful skin begins right here!

Most consumers crave a little trusted professional guidance and feel empowered when they learn the whys and how-to’s of skincare.

At SkinHappy MD, we provide that critical professional guidance, online, any time, as well as reliable trusted skin information. Dr. Kenner has created sophisticated effective topical prescription and non-prescription skin care solutions – free of harsh chemicals or fragrances- that are available to you online and can be delivered to your home. Not only have we formulated customized skincare products, but we have done so with affordability, to address YOUR specific skin needs.

At SkinHappy MD, we believe success begins with education combined with individualized care, creating healthy and beautiful skin for a lifetime.

Your journey to beautiful skin begins right here!

How does it work?

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I’m Julie Kenner, MD PhD, founder of SkinHappy MD.

Here’s the truth: PEOPLE of all ages, from all countries, of all skin types, CARE ABOUT THE WAY THEIR SKIN LOOKS AND FEELS.

Millions suffer physically, and often emotionally, from common skin conditions which routinely go untreated, are poorly treated, or even harmed from misdiagnosis or skin care products that are either useless or not tailored to their unique skin needs.

Consumers face many challenges:

  • There is an overwhelming amount of unregulated information and competitive marketing regarding skin products and treatments, which makes it very difficult for consumers to understand what information to trust and determine the best ways to solve their skin needs.
  • Acne responds only with consistent medication use- follow the directions from your doctor for best results!
  • Skin conditions are complex and have many different presentations. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” product. Ideal skin management is always best when supervised by a dermatologist who is experienced treating the wide array of skin presentations.
  • Unfortunately, waiting times to even get in to see a dermatologist can be a hurdle- many areas in California, for example, have waiting times of 3-4 months or more!
  • When you do see the dermatologist, visits rarely include more than a few minutes of “facetime” with the physician and little or no real education about your specific skin issues.
  • The typical dermatologist may send you out with several prescriptions which you then will take to the pharmacy. These often have a copay, and may even be denied by your insurance plan. For acne and rosacea, the medications are often long term oral antibiotics which cause not only internal health problems but also contribute to global antibiotic resistance.
  • Newer topical prescription skincare products, which are often more effective than oral medications, have become enormously expensive which places them out of reach for the average consumer.
  • Alternatively, over-the-counter skin care products, while more affordable, are unregulated and often make outrageous advertising claims which simply cannot be trusted.
  • Using common suggestions like “if it’s all natural it must be good”, or “if it’s expensive, it must be effective”, are simply wrong. Poison oak is all natural but not good for skin; and spending money on expensive unproven uncustomized over-the-counter skincare products- is not good for your pocketbook.

SkinHappy MD can provide both Rx and non-Rx programs for patients. If you are a resident of either California or Hawaii, or have had an in-person examination with Dr. Kenner at her clinic in either California or Hawaii, you can continue with an Rx program for your condition. If none of the above applies to you, Dr. Kenner can still provide an effective program, albeit with only non-Rx items.

Please keep the above in mind when providing your residency information in the following consultation questionnaires.

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