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SkinHappy MD’s mission is to empower patients with education by addressing common but vexing skin conditions with targeted and sophisticated uniquely formulated skin products.

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Comedonal or Inflammatory


Although acne is extremely common, it is also very complex, with different appearances at different times in our lives. Acne is generally influenced by hormonal changes- which is why it is seen around the time of puberty, menstrual cycling, pregnancy, or menopause; stress hormones also can play a big role in acne which is why acne can often get worse around exam time, personal anxiety, or work stressors.
Other common conditions can be happening at the same time as acne, such as rosacea and melasma, and it is important to address all.

Remember these key points about acne:

  • Acne is best treated with multiple different medications initially (ie, lots of different tools from the tool chest!). Dr. Kenner is a master at pulling together different categories of medications and combining them into a single tube of gel, cream, foam, or cleanser. Your program can be simplified over time as your condition improves. Once your acne is under control, a maintenance program of retinoids and sunblock will be given to help prevent further outbreaks and improve the acne side effects such as pigmentation and scarring.
  • Acne responds only with consistent medication use- follow the directions from your doctor for best results!
  • Acne is characteristically slow to respond- this is normal! Rule of thumb: “50% improvement in 2 months” (provided the program is followed).
  • Genetics and hormones have the biggest impact on acne, whereas certain food (excessive dairy intake or a “high glycemic index” diet) has a lesser impact.
  • Over-scrubbing your face can aggravate or even bring about acne! Acne is NOT a result of a dirty face. Dr. Kenner recommends avoiding scrubbing or in any other way being rough on your face so as to not over stimulate the oil glands, or potentially cause infection. Let the medicines she prescribes do their job!
  • Many people pick at their acne- this can aggravate scarring, and needs to be part of the discussion during treatment. Successful camouflage of inflammatory lesions with makeup or tinted sunblock can reduce picking dramatically.
  • Some products, including moisturizers or sunblock, can aggravate acne! Follow the recommendations of Dr. Kenner, or if you use other products, look for labeling: “non-comedogenic”.
  • A successful way to reduce picking at your acne is to use a tinted sunscreen or foundation.
  • Some forms of acne are more aggressive, with widespread inflammatory lesions and severe scarring- these individuals need to see a dermatologist in person, as this type of acne will often need pills and professional monitoring to achieve the best outcome! Dr. Kenner would like these patients to see a board-certified dermatologist (find a dermatologist near you at
  • If your acne is not getting better to the program Dr. Kenner has put you on, you need to see a board-certified dermatologist near you- some rare skin conditions can mimic acne! (find a dermatologist near you at
  • If you are a woman and your menstrual cycles are irregular, this will negatively affect your acne. You must see a doctor in person to help you with a program to regulate your cycles, as your acne won’t improve in the setting of these types of hormonal fluctuations.
  • Similarly, if you are taking hormones or androgens or steroids, your acne may be difficult to control topically, and you must see your doctor in person to discuss the management.

SkinHappy MD can provide both Rx and non-Rx programs for patients. If you are a resident of either California or Hawaii, or have had an in-person examination with Dr. Kenner at her clinic in either California or Hawaii, you can continue with an Rx program for your condition. If none of the above applies to you, Dr. Kenner can still provide an effective program, albeit with only non-Rx items.

Please keep the above in mind when providing your residency information in the following consultation questionnaires.

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