All of us at some time experience, or know someone who is suffering from, a common skin condition that harms their quality of life or self-esteem. Examples of these common conditions include acne, rosacea, balding, cold sores, dandruff, aging skin, etc.

In this “information age”, we want to take control of learning more about these conditions, and how to best treat them. A natural starting place is an internet search. Unfortunately, medical information gained online is fraught with inaccuracies, and susceptible to marketing influences. The best place to get information about medical conditions remains with a medical doctor expert in the field.

Many skin disorders can look alike and there is no substitute for getting appropriate guidance from a dermatologist to help you diagnose your skin condition.

Dr. Julie Kenner, MD PhD, board certified dermatologist is a research scientist, educator, product developer, and a dermatologist with decades of clinical experience. Dr. Kenner is well aware that there are many expressions of common skin conditions, acne and rosacea key among them. These different expressions of disorders require customized skin treatments to achieve optimal results.