Dr. Julie Kenner, MD PhD is a board certified dermatologist with decades of experience using both prescription and non-prescription skin products to help her patients achieve their skin’s optimal health and beauty, regardless of preexisting conditions.

Over the years, as director of a busy general and cosmetic dermatology practice, Dr. Kenner listened to the frustrations of her patients trying to make sense of the dizzying number of skin care products available all claiming the same benefit. Separating fact from fiction in the competitive market of skin care products has become a daunting task for the serious consumer craving knowledge to guide their actions and purchases.

In response to this need, Dr. Kenner created a simple educational tool called the Topical Nutritional Pyramid™ . This framework, which categorizes and describes the eight basic groupings of skin rejuvenation products, is loosely fashioned after the familiar “food pyramid”, and has been designed to educate and empower patients to make healthy choices for their “skin diet”. Taking into consideration their desires and baseline skin conditions, patients can work with their dermatologist to design a personalized optimal skin care regimen that makes sense- for a lifetime of healthy and beautiful skin.

In Good Health,
Dr. Kenner

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