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With prescription drug costs soaring along with patient’s insurance co-payments and the national non-compliance epidemic estimated to be $290 billion; many physicians are seeking no-nonsense alternatives to increase patient compliance and provide better quality care. The broken, unsustainable healthcare model places the financial burden on patients while the physician is at a loss when it comes to prescribing the best medication suitable for their patient’s disease state. It is the physician’s moral and ethical obligation to provide the best medication for their patient, regardless of price. Unfortunately, this has become a winless battle for physicians who are virtually rendered powerless by Big Pharma/drug companies, who determine the price of drugs. Since 2009, Americans have experienced egregious spikes in their prescription drug costs at the pharmacy, and despite the Affordable Care Act, many physicians do not anticipate corrective action in the immediate or long-term future.

Patients will begin to see a refreshing change in prescription medication access as savvy-innovative physicians are providing custom-tailored medications directly to their patients, from the point of care. These medications are typically less than the average specialty co-pay and help reunite patients with their physicians, as it once was before medicine became big-business.

Dermatologists, most notably have started this movement towards better, concierge-care. As insurance companies continue to drop coverage on many pillar medications, dermatologists have discovered ways to source FDA approved actives and are now custom formulating medications in a quality-controlled USP Lab setting. Many of these medication actives have been used and trusted for 50+ years to treat common skin disorders such as rashes, acne, warts, and fungal infections.

Many dermatologists have taken additional steps to become an accredited practice, where they are held to the highest quality standards and meet state and federal regulations for dispensing medication outside of a pharmacy setting. One notable independent accrediting body whose mission is to provide quality, safe and optimal outcomes of point-of-care dispensing: PDAA, Physician Dispensing Association Accredited (est. 2014) ensures physicians demonstrate compliance with national standards and reflects the physician’s dedication and commitment to meeting and exceeding national quality standards.

Progress is impossible without change and healthcare is overdue for progress. What more noble cause could a movement represent than to enhance patient understanding, increase compliance and improve outcomes? Providing custom-tailored medications directly to patients has started a revolution in care that is bringing relief to patients and physicians. Has your physician joined the movement?

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