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SkinHappy Med Events

Come and Celebrate with friends!
And share the gift of knowledge and transformation.

Experience an extraordinary evening of “skin-fotainment” with Dr. Julie Kenner, dermatologist and research scientist, who will teach you how to keep your skin health and radiant, and explore non-surgical wholesome ways to counter signs of aging.
MedEvents may be scheduled for groups of 4-8 people, on Wednesday or Thursday evening from 6-8pm at our new SkinHappy MD conservatory at 507 Dutra Street in Old Monterey

Each event will include gourmet food and beverages, and Dr. Kenner will host an informal discussion regarding effective skin care and facial shaping, provide each guest an individual skin consultation, and demonstrate various cutting edge skin treatments.

Discounts will be provided for all skin products or injectable treatments booked that evening, or 3D Facial Rejuvenation Treatments* or Hydrafacial MD treatments booked for the entire year! 

All guests will receive generous skin-related party gifts, and a raffle will be held at the end if the evening for a free surprise skin treatment.

Whatever the occasion, Dr. Kenner welcomes the opportunity to provide an enriching and enjoyable experience sharing her knowledge about skin and how to re-awaken its inherent beauty and health!

Call today: 831-747-1889

get ready for the holidays and

~Carpe Dermis~

*3D facial rejuvenation treatments are the unique invention or Dr. Kenner, designed to address the skin at its 3 critical levels: stratum corneum, epidermis, and dermis.  The treatment comprises non-peeling acid treatments with vortex extractions and microdermabrasion, skin needling, and iontophoresis product infusion all done consecutively, comfortably, and with immediate, and beautiful stimulation of skin renewal.  Dr. Kenner will choose the infusion products and treatment parameters for each individual according to their skin analysis.  Experience the Monterey Miracle.

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Committed to helping people, Dr. Kenner identifies the best products and treatments for her patients' skin, regardless of age, pre-existing medical skin conditions, or past sun-habits.

Her main goal is to help you understand the proper use of skin products, and how this can form the basis for a lifetime of healthy skin.