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Dr Julie Kenner received a PhD from Boston University in Pathology and an MD from George Washington University. She served as a military physician and medical research scientist for 9 years in the Army, and completed her clinical subspecialty training in dermatology at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She has nearly 2 decades of experience in cosmetic, general and surgical dermatology and ran one of the most active and innovative full-spectrum private dermatology practices in Hawaii. She has also published over 40 articles, edits peer reviewed journals, has served as an editor for the online eMedicine textbook and regularly lectures on dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and related topics.
Over the years, Dr. Kenner listened to the frustrations of her patients as they tried to make sense of the dizzying number of skin care products available, all claiming the same benefit. Separating fact from fiction in the competitive market of skin care products has become a daunting task for the serious consumer craving knowledge to guide their actions and purchases.
In response to this need, Dr. Kenner created a simple educational tool called “Dr. Kenner’s Topical Nutritional Pyramid.” This framework, which categorizes and describes the eight basic groupings of skin rejuvenation products, is loosely fashioned after the familiar “food pyramid”, and has been designed to educate and empower patients to make healthy choices for their “skin diet”.


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Drawing on “Dr. Kenner’s Topical Nutritional Pyramid,” Dr. Kenner educates and coaches patients on the proper use of prescription and cosmeceutical grade skin products. Seeing through the hype and hyperbole of many skin care marketing campaigns.
Utilizing convenient, secure online platforms, as well as providing in-person services, Dr. Kenner is committed to providing patients expert dermatological consultation and consistent coaching throughout their journey to healthy and beautiful skin. Using science, a deep understanding of the biology of skin, and the sophistication and comfort of latest technologies, Dr. Kenner is at the pinnacle of skin care.